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Salient Features Of Our Study Material

  • Comprehensive study material divided into graded difficulty levels for practising.
  • Indepth coverage of theory to clear concepts & further build a solid foundation.
  • Extensive coverage of objective as well as subjective problems to ensure pattern proof preparation for JEE Papers (Main & Advanced) as well as for board exams.
  • Every chapter develops concepts through illustrations and examples
  • Solved examples are provided to develop problem-solving skills.
  • Additional Set of high-order Problems are given in DPP booklet

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Study Material Package includes

  • Comprehensive Theory notes
  • Illustrations & Solved examples
  • Diagrams & graphs wherever required
  • Flow Charts and tables
  • Derivations and important Note points
  • Multi-Level Practise Exercises
  • Board-pattern-Subjective questions
  • Previous Years Questions
  • Daily Practise Problem ( DPP ) Booklet
  • Formula Handbook

I. Study Material Package (Offline)

Whether it is preparation of board exams or competition exams like JEE/NEET etc, a good quality study material is the key to streamline the preparation. Learning a concept is one thing while practicing the questions requires strong analytical ability and problem solving skills. These skills can be developed with a well structured and organized study material.
We feel very proud in saying that we provide the most updated and advanced Study material package at the Lowest price in the market. Its key features include:

  • Comprehensive Theory notes (not just short summary but in detail)
  • Diagrams, graphs, flow charts, tables wherever necessary
  • Illustrations and Examples in between theory to concrete the concepts
  • Multi-level practice exercises graded according to difficulty
  • Extensive coverage of objective as well as subjective problems for pattern proof preparation
  • Previous Years Questions chapter-wise
  • Special HOTS questions at the end of every chapter for extra-ordinary students
  • Daily Practice Problem (DPP) booklet consisting of good quality higher order questions
  • Formula Handbook

We provide study material for Jr. Division from class 8 th to 10 th and for Sr. Division class 11 th & 12 th
Note:- 12 th pass students would receive a complete set of books of Class 11 th and 12 th .
Jr. Division (8 th / 9 th / 10 th ) Study package include:

  1. Physics 1 Module
  2. Chemistry 1 Module
  3. Maths 1 Module
  4. Biology 1 Module
  5. Mental Ability 1 Module
  6. Social Study 1 Module
  7. DPP Booklet 1 Module
    Sr. Division 11 th (Engineering/ Medical)

Study package includes:

  1. Physics 3 Modules
  2. Chemistry 3 Modules
  3. Maths/Biology 3 Modules (Maths)/ 4 Modules (Biology)
  4. DPP Booklet 1 Module
    Sr. Division 12 th (Engineering/ Medical) Study package includes:
  5. Physics 3 Modules
  6. Chemistry 4 Modules
  7. Maths/Biology 3 Modules
  8. DPP Booklet 1 Module

Most updated and Advanced Study Material available at the Lowest Price for more details

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