Micro-Concept based Video Lectures (Android App)


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  • Taught by IITians / Nitians and top faculties of Kota
  • Small Micro-Concepts of 20- 30 minutes are provided rather than exhaust in g 1 and half hour
  • Available in recorded format so that student can view any number of times and make detailed notes which is otherwise not possible in offline classes
  • Consists of small Sub- topi cs only instead of huge topics so that conceptual clarity will be there
  • Every Sub- topic is followed by some related Practice Questions

Micro-Concept based Video Lectures (Android App)

We understand the needs of the students and offer the most exclusive collection of Micro-concept based video lectures taught by our top faculties from IITs, NITs and Reputed Medical colleges. It caters to the needs of all grades including the school level as well as competition exams like JEE (Main Advanced), NEET, KVPY, NTSE and the various school grades and Olympiads. Fusion Educators

furnishes interactive online lectures which include Easy-to-visualize animations, standard diagrams, detailed concepts, important derivations, Illustrations and examples, so that it becomes easy to consume by the students.
Above all, we at Fusion Educators understood and eliminated the root cause behind the problems faced by students in e-learning. Some of these are:

  • Large screen time, causing headaches, strain in eyes and other eye-sight problems
  • Lack of conceptual understanding due to too much content delivered in one lecture
  • High amount of Data consumption while streaming and problems with live streaming
  • Less no. of sub-topic wise questions available for practice, immediately after online class

These are some of the hot problems in the e-learning platforms today. We are again proud to declare that a one click solution to all these problems is our Micro-Concept based Video lectures. It includes:

  • Small 20-25 min. short recorded video lectures
  • Only single concept is discussed in one video
  • Good quality pictorial representation with illustrative examples.
  • Large chapters are broken down to small sub-topic videos (called Micro-concepts) for better understanding
  • After every micro-concept, some related practice questions are provided to concrete the understanding.
  • Student can quickly learn something on the go, without having to sit for a long time to complete one lecture.
  •  The Board work of the lecture is provided at the end to save the student’s time for making notes.
  • Student can see a lecture any no. of times with an option to slow down or fast forward if required.
  • Lectures are also available from class 8 th to 12 th (Science).
  • Specific topics are taught by specific faculties on the basis of their area of expertise.
  • Complete Technical support is provided by our back-end team throughout the session as and when required.
    Again, Fusion Educators claims the product and services to be at the Lowest possible price in the